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Corporate & Commercial
In this area, Henry Zhuang & Partners is able to provide the following services to the clients:
  establishment of domestic companies and enterprises, Sino-foreign equity joint ventures and cooperative joint ventures, wholly foreign-owned subsidiaries and branches, or setting up of representative offices;
  merger and acquisition of companies;
  division of companies;
  contracting by foreign contractors in China for construction and installation projects, or for management and operation of hotels or other companies;
  increase and reduction of company's registered capital;
  alteration or restructuring of form of companies;
  share transfer, restructuring, pledge and other alteration;
  winding-up, liquidation of companies;
  franchising, technology transfer or licensing, technical assistance;
  export and import trade, agency and distributorship;
  compensation trade, barter trade, processing supplied materials, and assembling supplied components;
  drafting in Chinese and English various related contracts and agreements, including but not limited to:
  - Sino-foreign equity joint venture contracts, cooperative joint venture contracts, shareholders' agreements, share transfer agreements;
  - acquisition agreements, merger agreements, division agreements, dissolution agreements;
  - shareholder's loan agreements;
  - franchise agreements; technology transfer agreements, trademark transfer agreements, licensing agreements and technical assistance agreements;
  - equipment export (import) contracts, commodity sale & purchase contracts;
  - construction and renovation contracts, design agreements, project management agreements;
  - hotel management agreements;
  - compensation trade agreements, barter trade agreements, contracts in respect of processing of supplied materials, assembling of supplied components;
  - agency agreements, distributorship agreements, consultancy agreements, and commission agreements.

Banking & Finance

 In this area, in respect of commercial banking facilities, international syndicated facilities, project finance and financial leasing projects, Henry Zhuang & Partners is able to provide legal services as follows:
  assisting clients in negotiation, giving advice on project structure;
  drafting in Chinese and English various loan facility documents, including facility agreements, syndicated loan agreements, financial leasing agreements, etc.;
  drafting in Chinese and English various banking security documents, including various letter of guarantees, mortgage contracts, pledge contracts, assignments, etc.;
  carrying out related registrations and filings for various loan projects, such as foreign debt registrations, external security registrations, mortgage registrations, pledge registrations, etc.;
  handling various loan project restructuring;
  issuance of legal opinions in Chinese and English.

Conveyancing & Property

In this area, Henry Zhuang & Partners is able to provide clients with legal services in the following respects:
  giving advice on real estate development, including land development, housing property development, industrial park development, hotel and resort development, etc.;
  setting up of real estate development companies;
  obtaining of land use right for related real estate development;
  obtaining of various licenses and permits for related real estate development;
  design, project management of property development projects, contracting or sub-contracting related building and construction projects;
  construction project financing;
  property pre-sale;
  property sale and purchase, title transfer;
  end user financing;
  property pre-lease and lease;
  property mortgage;
  property management; and
  other real estate development and conveyancing matters.


In this area, Henry Zhuang & Partners provides following services:
  giving advice on company tax planning;
  giving advice on tax planning in respect of share acquisition, transfer, merger, division, dissolutions, liquidation of companies;
  giving advice on personal tax planning;
  giving advice on other taxation matters.

Labor and Employment

In this area, Henry Zhuang & Partners is able to provide clients with the following services:

drafting and reviewing labor contracts, employment contracts, working agreements, dispatch agreements, training agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-competition agreements, and other related agreements in connection with employment;
  preparing employee manuals and drafting company bylaws;
  compliance review of company bylaws and employee manuals;
  assisting in handling employee transfer, lay-offs and displacements in merger and acquisition, liquidation and company restructuring;
  advising on labor protection, work-related injuries and occupational disease;
  representing clients in labor arbitrations and litigations.

Litigation & Arbitration

In this area, Henry Zhuang & Partners provides the following legal services:
  litigation and arbitration in respect of various corporate & commercial disputes;
  litigation and arbitration in respect of various banking and financial disputes;
  litigation and arbitration in respect of various property and conveyancing disputes;
  litigation and arbitration in respect of various contract disputes;
  lawsuit and litigation in respect of various infringements;
  applying for recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral award in China.

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