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     We keep the strictest confidentiality for our clients while ensuring that the services we provide are without any conflict of interest. We provide high quality and high efficient professional legal services. We are absolutely careful and reliable.

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    The following are some projects that our lawyers have recently handled or are still handling:

Note: For keeping confidential purpose, we have kept the clients' names undisclosed.
- acting for a Hong Kong invested hotel development and management group for its resort development, operation and management in Sichuan province, the resort will mainly include some hotels, some villas and an adventure park;
- acting for a Hong Kong invested experiential marketing group for its development and operation of the world's first discovery adventure park in Zhejiang province;
- acting for a French Group for the restructuring of its PRC subsidiaries, our legal services include issuance of legal opinion, preparing relevant transaction documents, carrying out relevant registration and filing procedures;

acting for a foreign investment enterprise for its issuance of private placement bonds in the Shanghai Stock Exchange,  our legal services include due diligence investigation and issuance of legal opinion;

- acting for a Malaysian listed company, conducting a due diligence on its three subsidiaries in China;
- acting for a foreign company with a number of subsidiaries in the PRC for its loan of US$70 million from a foreign lender situated in United States;
- acting for a regional Chinese headquarters of a foreign group for its purchase of offices situated in Shanghai City with a purchase price of more than RMB90 million;
- acting for an American fund in its sale of several offices situated in downtown Shanghai for a price of more than RMB23.5 million;
- acting for a Singaporean investor for the sale by its PRC subsidiary, of factory buildings and land use right in Hunan province, with the sale price over RMB19 million;
- acting for a Singaporean investor for its acquisition of state-owned shares in two joint venture companies in Hunan province, with the purchase price exceeding RMB86 million;
- acting for the PRC subsidiary of an European investor before the Shanghai Arbitration Commission in respect of an arbitration case concerning software development and purchase dispute;
- acting for Singapore branch of a Chinese bank for a loan facility of US$300 million, granted to a borrower situated in Singapore, as secured by a corporate guarantee issued by the borrower’s parent company, who is based in Beijing;
- acting for a Malaysian consortium for its joint venture development and construction of China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park situated in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region with a land area of approximately 55 square kilometres and a total investment amounting to billions of RMB;
- acting for a Malaysian invested holding company situated in Tianjin City for its joint venture development and construction of an industrial park situated in Guizhou Province with a land area of approximately 36 square kilometres;
- acting for a Finnish company for its acquisition of 100% shares in a manufacturing company situated in Jiangsu Province;
- acting for a foreign bank through its Shanghai branch to restructure and collect the outstanding loans and interests amounting to approximately RMB70 million owed by a borrower situated in Shanghai (eventually, pursuant to the relevant restructuring documents and settlement negotiated and signed, the outstanding amounts have been restructured and fully repaid to the bank);
- acting for a syndicate of banks situated in Singapore to bring a lawsuit before a court against guarantors and covenanters situated in Henan Province, the claimed amount is approximately US$9 million;
- acting for two German invested associated companies situated respectively in Shanghai and Jiangsu Province to bring a lawsuit before an intermediate court in Jiangsu Province for a dispute in relation to trademark infringement and unfair competition against a company situated in Jiangsu Province;
- acting for a Hong Kong company’s subsidiary in China to prepare a technology development and technical service agreement to be signed by that subsidiary with its clients in the radio & television industry in Southern China for development, construction and operation of Business Operation Supporting System(BOSS);
- giving comprehensive legal advice to a very wealthy Chinese family that owns assets and business in China and overseas countries in respect of succession and tax related issues;
- acting for two foreign banks to restructure an outstanding loan of approx. US$7.6 million provided to a joint venture company situated in Shandong Province, and secured by real estate mortgage, account receivable pledge and guarantees;

acting for an European company for its acquisition from several PRC companies of relevant business, which includes all the relevant business contracts, sales channels, supply channels, trademarks, patents, technologies, selected human resources, selected fixed assets, etc..


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